Parking & Directions

Advance Parking Passes

You may purchase parking passes in advance for the 225 Broadway Garage operated by Ace Parking for most events when you make your ticket purchase on Ticketmaster.

  • Enter Broadway Circle from 2nd Ave & Broadway & follow around to garage entrance down-ramp on the left. Note: There is a height limitation of 6 feet, 7 inches for all vehicles entering the Garage.

Current Parking Rates for the 225 Broadway Garage (rates subject to change):

  • Mon – Fri  Evening (after 5:00P): $10 per vehicle
  • Sat & Sun (all day): $10 per vehicle

If you did not purchase Advance Parking through Ticketmaster, you may purchase parking from...

Horton Plaza Garage

Event parking is available at the Horton Plaza Garage on Fourth Avenue operated by ABM, with parking payment through ParkWhiz. Event parking is $10 and can be purchased HERE. 

San Diego Trolley

You may wish to take advantage of the convenient San Diego Trolley and ride it to the Civic Center stop at 3rd Avenue and C Street, which is approximately 1/4 of a mile from Balboa Theatre.

Downtown Parking

Additional details on parking downtown can be found at the Gaslamp Parking Website.

Seating Chart

With a total seating capacity of 1,335 the historic Balboa Theatre features a Main Floor Orchestra and second level Loge and Balcony sections.

In general, late arrivals for performances will be required to remain in the lobby areas until an appropriate seating break in the performance, as determined by the show management or producers. This may be for just the duration of a few minutes for an opening number or may be for the entire first act of the performance. Lobby monitors are available to view most on-stage performances.

Seating comprises the following sections:


Located on the main floor and the closest seating to the stage. With a capacity of 811 seats, the Orchestra features a large center seating section with additional seating in right (even-numbered) and left (odd-numbered) sections. Please note that during certain performances where the Orchestra Pit or Extended staging is not required, 2 additional Rows (AA and BB) may be added in front of Row A.

Loge (2nd level)

Located on the second level, this section extends over Row N of the Orchestra and is comprised of 5 Rows (A through E) and a total of 159 seats. There is no wheelchair accessible seating in the Loge.

Balcony (2nd level)

Located directly behind the Loge section, on the 2nd level, this section is comprised of 13 Rows (F through T) of fixed seating, totaling 365 seats. All Balcony seats require stair access and are not wheelchair accessible. Due to the historic nature of the Theatre, Balcony seating offers less leg room than available in the Orchestra and Loge levels. Patrons with walking difficulties or other mobility issues should not select a Balcony seat.


  • There are a total of 12 Orchestra Wheelchair Accessible spaces plus 12 companion spaces (5 each in Row H and 7 each in Row X) and a total of 13 side Transfer Seats in the right and left aisles. Comprised of 25 permanent Rows and 3 removable Rows (2 in front, 1 in rear), access to all seats in this section are accessible without utilizing stairs.
  • Level 2A elevator access on the East side provides no-stair access to Loge A, seats 1-19. All other seats in this section do require the use of stairs.

Please call Ticketing Services at 619.615.4180 or email us at for additional information or special seating request assistance.

San Diego Theatres Security IconSafety & Security

Your safety is our top priority and we rely on the cooperation and the good judgment of every person who enters the facility to ensure this level of safety. Our venues are protected by 24-hour video surveillance. Please review the following security details.

Security Screening

San Diego Theatres requires that all guests attending an event pass through a security screening performed by trained security personnel. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Walk-through or wand metal detection inspection
  • Bag checks
  • Visual inspection
  • Other screening deemed necessary by security staff

We encourage patrons to leave non-essential items, including oversized purses and bags, at home or safely secured in a vehicle. Any item larger than a small clutch or wallet may be subject to a security inspection.

Please refer to our list of prohibited items. We ask that you leave these in your vehicle or at home. San Diego Theatres will not take possession or be responsible for any items removed as a result of the security screening process. Any patron who declines to be screened may be denied entry to San Diego Theatre’s events.

In order to accommodate for the security screening process, we ask that you please plan on arriving at least one hour prior to the scheduled start time of any event.

Prohibited Items

The following list of items are not allowed inside the theatre (Note: items may change without notice under direction of San Diego Theatres Security):

  • Bags should not exceed 12" x 6" x 12." San Diego Theatres does not provide a general area to check bags, coats or any other personal belongings
  • Oversized bags (i.e. backpacks, suitcases, beach bags, laptop bags, etc.) are prohibited
  • Weapons (or any item that could be harmful to others), firearms, pepper spray/mace, flares or fireworks
  • Outside food, beverage, liquid containers, alcohol, cans, bottles, flasks, coolers or water bottles
  • Workman's tool, pocket knives, or any other tools
  • Laser pens/pointers, flashlights, glow products
  • Laptop/tablet computers
  • Signs/Flags/Banners/Posters unless otherwise posted by tour management
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, helmets or chairs
  • Balloons
  • Drugs and illegal substances
  • Video or audio recording devices of any kind including GoPro cameras
  • Solicitation is not allowed

Allowed Items

  • Prescription medicine
  • One sealed bottle of water (up to 16 ounces)

Lost and Found

If you lost something at the Theatre, please email us at or call 619-615-4006. Include as many details as you can, including the event you attended, the date you lost your item, details about the item lost as well as where you think you lost it.


San Diego Theatres has partnered with Sodexo Live!, the leading hospitality partner to North America's live entertainment venues, to provide premier hospitality and food service for the Civic Theatre and Balboa Theatre. Through this partnership, guests can look forward to enhanced safety measures and level of service, a tailored menu centered around unique locally sourced produce, breads and meats, innovative technology for faster service, and the introduction of a new sustainability initiative. It is also possible to find some snacks at cheaper prices on weekly ads.

“As we know, guests already come to the San Diego Theatres for exceptional entertainment and by streamlining the food and beverage process we can get them back in their seats and enjoying all that they came for”


To promote the safety of our guests and enhance speed of service all food and beverage transactions at San Diego Theatres will be cash-free. Our bars and concession stands accept debit and credit cards, including major contactless and mobile payment methods.


The menu offerings will feature signature and premium cocktails, wines as well as local craft brews from some of the best breweries in the region. Menus will highlight local brands and businesses as much as possible, as well as ensure best-in-class sustainability practices and safety protocols.


Sodexo Live! is the exclusive on-site caterer for all San Diego Theatres. From intimate rehearsals to elaborate affairs, our team of San Diego’s finest industry professionals will help seamlessly meet all your event catering needs.


We are happy to announce our new sustainability initiatives at San Diego Theatres including menus tailored to highlight locally sourced cuisine and 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable packaging.


Sodexo Live! supports the well-being of attendees through industry-specific measures that include, but are not limited to:

  • Cashless payment systems at retail outlets
  • Menus designed with modern safety and hygiene practices at the forefront
  • Targeted kitchen disinfection, sanitation, and cleaning schedules
  • Specialized and regimented health and safety trainings
  • macaroons
  • Balboa signature chocolate bars
    Balboa Signature Chocolate Bars

Please note: Alcoholic beverages served to patrons 21 years & older. Alcohol may not be offered at all shows. Outside food and beverage items may not be brought in to Balboa Theatre.

San Diego Theatres Security Icon Accessibility

The Historic Balboa Theatre has undergone extensive accommodations to provide accessible improvements and upgrades for the comfort of our guests. Please email Ticketing Services at for assistance.


Accessibility seating at the Balboa Theatre includes:

  • Dedicated Accessible Wheelchair Seating is available on the main floor Orchestra (Row H, House Right entry) and rear Orchestra (Row X).
  • Loge and Balcony sections do not offer wheelchair accessible seating.
  • Accessible Restroom facilities are located on the main floor (East), Salon, Loge and Balcony levels of the Theatre.
  • All seats in the Orchestra section, Rows A through Z are accessible via sloping walkways, no stairs.
  • Elevator stop 2A access to Loge level (East side) provides no-stair access to Loge, Row A seats 1-19. All other seating in the Loge and Balcony do involve the use of stairs. Please contact Ticketing Services if you have specific questions regarding seating in any area.

Radio-Frequency (RF) Audio Assistance Systems

For patrons with hearing difficulties, audio assistance devices are available at the Balboa. Request a headset from our event staff in the lobby areas prior to performances (headsets are loaned at no charge, on a first-come, first-served basis, with photo ID required).

Sight and Hearing Impaired Seating

Limited sight and hearing-impaired seating may be available for select shows. Please email Ticketing Services at with any specific questions or assistance.

Certified Service Animals & Guide Dogs

Recognized California Service Animals, fully trained to provide a specific service to owner, are welcome into the Theatre. Only Service Animals will be allowed entry and must remain under owner’s control during the entire event. Companion Animals are not allowed inside the venue. For suggested seating recommendations or additional information, please contact Ticketing Services at

Elevator Service

Elevator stop 2A access to Loge level (East side) provides no-stair access to Loge, Row A seats 1-19. All other seating in the Loge and Balcony do involve the use of stairs. Please contact Ticketing Services if you have specific questions regarding seating in any area.

Family Accessible Restrooms

One Family/Special Needs Restroom is located on the main floor Orchestra (East) level. This restroom is equipped with a Changing Station for patrons with young children in attendance. Additional Changing Stations can be found in the Women’s room 2A (Loge level East) and Men's Room 2A (Loge level East).

Women's Restrooms are located on the Lower Level (stair access only from main floor Orchestra, no elevator), Loge, Salon, and Balcony Levels. The facilities in the Loge, Salon, and Balcony are fully accessible and may be accessed by elevator stops.

Men's Restrooms are located on the main floor Orchestra (East) level, Loge, Salon and Balcony Levels. The facilities in the Loge, Salon and Balcony are fully accessible and may be accessed by elevator stops.

Event Assistance

If you are attending an event and are in need of assistance at any time, please contact one of our uniformed Ushers or Public Safety Staff. Usher staff are available inside seating areas during all performances.


Special effects are part of many performances and may include the use of Strobe Lights (flicker-sensitive patrons), haze and smoke machines, etc. Should you have a sensitivity regarding any of these theatrical effects, please check the individual Event Information pages on this site or contact Ticketing Services for specific information.

Please be aware we may only become aware of the use of such effects close to the actual performance date.

Patron Code of Conduct

San Diego Theatres is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable entertainment experience for all.

This Patron Code of Conduct is designed to set clear expectations and encourage an environment that is enjoyable for all.

  • Patrons will not engage in fighting, throwing objects, using foul/abusive language or gestures, attempting to enter restricted areas, or other behavior detrimental to the experience or safety of others.
  • Patrons will not interfere with the performance or artists in any way.
  • Patrons will adhere to the event and venue security policies. The possession of any prohibited items, including but not limited to: weapons, illegal substances, disruptive noisemakers, and professional recording equipment, are prohibited. See our full safety & security policy here.
  • Patrons will follow all verbal instructions from staff and written instructions on signage, including instructions regarding photography, late seating, and emergency response procedures.
  • Patrons may not sit in a seat other than one’s ticketed seat location for that event or refuse to produce one’s ticket upon request. Unauthorized use of any seating designed for disabled persons is strictly prohibited.
  • Patrons will supervise their children at all times.
  • Patrons will not smoke/vape anywhere inside the venue at any time.
  • Patrons will consume alcohol in a responsible manner and in compliance with the law. Those appearing intoxicated will be denied entry or will be subject to ejection from the facility.
  • Patrons may assist in creating a safe and enjoyable environment by reporting inappropriate behavior to an Usher, Security Officer, or House Manager.

Patrons who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct will be subject to ejection without refund.